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Angelina Community Theatre will be hosting auditions for the live production of Canterville Ghost, a Play by Marisha Chamberlain, directed by Jessie Licht. The show dates will be Oct 5-7 and 12-14, 7 pm.

Based on the story of Oscar Wilde, Canterville Ghost will tell the suspenseful yet funny tale of Sir Simon of Canterville, who after murdering his wife and dying at the hands of her brothers, has haunted the grounds of Canterville Chase for over 300 years.

A no-nonsense American family buys the old mansion in rural England, scoffing at warnings of a fierce and violent resident ghost. The spirited Americans- Mother, Father, young Virginia, and her mischievous younger siblings- may have found their match in an equally spirited and clever ghost, who is determined to scare them out or worse. He's outnumbered, however, and in the end, kind-hearted Virginia helps him fulfill the terms of the legend that allow him release into the afterlife.

We will be auditioning for 7 parts plus understudies as follows:

Oscar Wilde- opening and closing narrator, British, male, late 20's-40s

Lord Canterville- former owner of Canterville Chase, posh British, male, 30's or older

Hiram B. Otis, the American Professor and Inventor, new owner of Canterville Chase, scientific with a positive and endearing attitude, male, 30s to 50s

Lucretia Tappan Otis, wife of Hiram, American, Hiram's cheerleader/helper and loving mother, 30s to 40s

Virginia Otis, daughter, "golden" girl, 15

The Duke of Cheshire, British neighbor, Virginia's admirer, very dapper and posh but doesn't necessarily want to be, 16

Chip and Charlie Otis, very rambunctious but lovable, 9 and 10 year old boys/tomboys

Mrs. Umney, the British housekeeper, long employed at the Chase, female, 60 or older

The Ghost- believably forceful and scary in the beginning, but wins Virginia and the audience over with his sad story, male, 30s or older

Audition sides will be provided. If there is a character preference, please let the director know at the time of audition.

Rehearsals will begin Aug 4 on Mondays and Thursdays, further information will be provided upon being cast. Most conflicts can be worked around, please notify director on audition form.

We will also be looking for volunteers for backstage, makeup, costume design, set design, etc. if you are interested in helping Angelina Community Theatre in any way!

Please message through this event or the Angelina Community Theatre page for any questions. You can also contact Jessie Licht directly at 936-414-0353

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